The MU dominates the top 15 wealthiest youth sports stars in the UK in 2020

Young sportsmen with the highest profits in the UK in 2020, MU is the squad with the most names in the top 15.

Specifically, the Sunday Times recently published the top 15 most popular under 30 sports athletes in the UK. These may be titles that are played or played in the fog, or sometimes the faces of the United Kingdom, but tend to be played abroad. 

As a result, MU is the dominant team in the list above when contributing 5/15 titles. The most famous player of the Red Devils is Paul Pogba with a net value of up to £50 million. That achievement helped the French middleman place third in the top 15, behind Real Madrid star Gareth Bale (£ 114 million) and boxer Anthony Joshua (£ 107 million). 

In addition to Pogba, David De Gea, Anthony Martial, Luke Shaw and Odion Ighalo are four other MU faces in the 2020 list of the richest under-30s in British sports. The money these stars earn is 34 million pounds, 20 million pounds, 19 million pounds and 18 million pounds.

Among the top 15 richest athletes under the age of 30 in England, soccer is still a common sport

Besides the names listed, this list includes Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling (Man City), N’golo Kante (Chelsea), Harry Kane (Tottenham) or Jordan Henderson, Mohamed Salah and Virgil Van Dijk ( Liverpool).

In comparison, four other players were Jack Wilshere, Daniel Sturridge, Aaron Ramsey, along with former MU star Danny Welbeck. Obviously, soccer still has its value and is deserving of the name “sport of king”.

Also in Sunday Times figures, considering all sports stars in the United Kingdom over the age of 30 with the highest income, it is the F1 pilot, Lewis Hamilton and the golfer, Rory McIlroy. In comparison, the other name that was current but retired is former MU centerman David Beckham.

Top brand badminton racket number one in the world today (Part 2)


VICTOR is a major badminton racket brand from Taiwan, founded in 1968. Currently, the commodity has expanded to more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Despite being highly regarded by consumers, Dengli Chen-the owner of this company is still not quite happy and has set the target of “VICTOR will be the most developed badminton brand in the world”.


This is an English badminton racket brand

Established in 1928, through several phases of innovation, it has evolved rapidly growing to the top of the world’s popular badminton racket brands. Badminton RSL rackets define the racquets according to the level of power support and the capacity to manipulate the bridge. 


Kawasaki is a Japanese brand founded in 1896 under the slogan “talent and technology” .In the course of creating and cultivating a career, this brand has consistently fostered creativity and strengthened technological challenges, supplying consumers with the highest quality goods and the best support.


Brand from Germany, popular all over the European market. In 2002, the SOTX badminton racket entered the Asian market and in just over two years, the badminton racket products had expanded exponentially, generated great sales and gained sponsorship.


Built in Germany, born 1936. During almost 80 years of construction and growth, the Oliver brand has developed a framework of consistency, reputation and solidity in the hearts of its consumers. The latest Oliver racquets are very much in love with gorgeous colour, for defense and good “slash” The racquet body, though, is more crisp than certain other racquets.


This is a brand from Taiwan, whose consistency has been recognised worldwide. The rackets of the brand are ideal for multiple consumers, suitable for many different weather conditions.

Let’s hope you can choose the most fitting racquet from the above suggestions. Keep tuned to receive some useful posts.

Top brand badminton racket number one in the world today (Part 1)

Badminton is considered one of the most popular sports of all time. You need a decent badminton racket to play this sport well. Much like choosing a product, you need to understand the name first. The following article gives you basic details about the top badminton racket brands in the world today, if you still don’t have enough knowledge about the badminton brands on the market.


Yonex is considered to be one of the No. 1 brands of Badminton rackets in the world, and is a racket preferred by many famous players. 

Yonex is a prominent sponsor of the All England Badminton Championship

As a partner in the Badminton World Federation, the task of running the Badminton World Championship is completely guaranteed.

The Badminton racquets developed by Yonex ensure strength, stability and pace. With a square head shape and a bend over the impact point, the Yonex badminton racquets help players hold the badminton on the racquet longer, making it easier to regulate the trajectory of the ball more precisely. These racquets are ideal for beginners and skilled players alike.

If you’re interested in badminton rackets, you may know that most of the No. 1 rackets in the world are made from the Yonex brand, such as the Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket that used to be the number 1 player Lee Chong Wei Used the Yonex Voltric 7 G4 was used by the legendary player Lin Dan. Or, recently, Yonex Duora Z hit a badminton racket recently launched by Yonex.

Li- Ning

Li-Ning is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of sportswear, especially badminton racket products in China. A fast internet survey shows that Li Ning’s top badminton racquets are the top choice among badminton beginners.

A reliable supplier of badminton racks in the United States was the Li-Ning sportswear company. In addition to manufacturing badminton rackets, Li-Ning also produces other sports items, such as shoes, clothing, etc. And many sports stars are trusted. 

The Li Ning Flame N50 II, the Li-Ning HC 100A and the Li-Ning UC 3500 are the best-selling badminton rackets.

MU: Van de Beek is going to play in a new position?

There are a lot of things that MU has to look into over a 2-week break to make way for national team matches. Although Paul Pogba has created a fresh headache from the remarks of coach Didier Deschamps and the individual French player, the Red Devils still have good sides.

Donny van de Beek shines with a saving goal against Spain in the Dutch team top

Since the essence of the match is a gentle and polite one, what Van de Beek displays will definitely allow him to win a valuable place in the coming match against Poland.
Coach Ole Solskjaer hoped that Van de Beek would not be like Luke Shaw or any of the other players injured in the match. Since, considering the relatively limited use of Van de Beek after the €35 million deal was signed, the Norwegian strategist has promised that Van de Beek would play more as fans. The graves are crying out.
The harsh timetable for the coming weeks causes coach Ole Solskjaer to contemplate turning around. This will be the opportunity for Van de Beek to build opportunities. Ole Solskjaer admires Van de Beek’s honesty. He assumes that knowledge and versatility can allow the Dutch player to take a variety of positions.
At Amex, Van de Beek always drifted to the left wing under the guidance of Solskjaer and finished the game in a position where he could see himself playing more often in the future, “number 10.” With MU not having many options, particularly when Rashford is not sure if he will play against West Brom this weekend due to physical issues, this could be the perfect time for Van de Beek to adjust to the position. Latest. New. Since in the middle of the field, three places were tied to Bruno Fernandes, Fred and Scott McTominay by their persuasive results.

Top 3 legendary badminton players in the Badminton World Village

There have been many famous badminton players in the history of the growth of badminton. Who are the legendary tennis players? Taking a peek at the top six badminton players in the badminton world.

Lee Chong Wei

Lee Chong Wei was born on 21 October 1982 as a Malaysian professional single-player badminton player. As an outstanding player, Lee Chong Wei has accomplished remarkable successes and has today become a world-famous badminton player. From August 21, 2008 to June 14, 2012, despite failing to receive a major award, Lee was ranked first in the world for more than 199 weeks and is Malaysia’s only badminton player to hold the No. 1 spot for more than a year. In 1996, Lee Chong Wei realized the Malaysian People’s Medal Dream by entering the men’s singles final of the badminton tournament.

Chen Long

Chen made a name for himself in fishing when he became the 2007 BWF World Junior Championship World Champion in both men’s singles and men’s teammates. He also became Asian champion at the 2007 Asian Badminton Championship. 

Chen Long captured the 2012 Olympic Bronze Medal in London, twice the 2014 and 2015 World Champions. While Chen Long still admires fans behind Lin Dan with his prestigious achievements.

Peter Gade

Peter Gade left his name in the history of the Badminton World Championships at the All England Open in 1999 and five European Championships

From 1998 to 2001, he stood at the top of the world rankings. With a record of 22 Grand Prix winners, he has been one of the most prolific players in the sport. He reclaimed the number one spot in the world rankings on June 22, 2006. This was done after winning the Singapore Open and reaching the quarter-finals of the Malaysian Open. With his rapid strike, pace and relentless intensity, he became the world ‘s legendary tennis player.

Underwater hockey – Have you ever tried it ?

The History of Hockey Sport 

Hockey is one of the most common games, with an interesting antagonism, the two teams use sticks to reach the opponent’s target without contacting any of the body. This game involves players with a good technique and exceptional observation and dedication to succeed with their teammates.

Hockey is played on a variety of terrains, and the most common and recognizable is the picture of athletes who both skate and play exceptionally skillful hockey. Ice hockey is commonly played in countries where the atmosphere is cold enough to make ice dense, smooth, large, and secure. And it’s with the majestic picture of ice hockey that attracts a lot of people and has since expanded this sport around the world.

Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey is born quite unintentionally in circumstances that have little to do with sport

The number was that in 1950, the British Navy also showed a means of training and playing water hockey in the water to help divers develop their mobility and their successful underwater missions. In 1954, underwater hockey (also known as Octopush) was formally considered a sport after Alan Blake created his first Southsea Sub-Aqua club in England.

Underwater hockey was later greeted with excitement by a harmonious blend of swimming and diving skills, as well as a mixed rivalry between ice hockey and basketball. Both men and women will take part in this subject as long as they have strong endurance against the task of keeping their breath underwater for a certain amount of time. 

To play underwater hockey, an athlete has to be a good swimmer, able to plunge intensely and hang on as long as possible. Therefore, besides competing to score in the opponent’s target, this is also a deep-diving, long-diver swimming game that can dive longer to add victory to their party.

With a new goalie, Chelsea still has to use Kepa

Chelsea got unfortunate news when Edouard Mendy was unable to return to the club after the injury while on service with the national team.

Chelsea has just suffered a big shock when a new £22 m signature forced Edouard Mendy to return to the core of Cobham while on an international duty with Senegal due to his injury. After signing from Rennes, Mendy played for Chelsea.

Mendy was taken to Chelsea to play with Kepa Arrizabalaga and promptly took his place in the Premier League representative squad over the weekend. The 27-year-old started the match against Crystal Palace and held a clean sheet in a 4-0 victory for the Blues.

He is supposed to hold his position in the future because of the mistrust of Kepa Arrizabalaga. However, before Mendy could play for Senegal this week, it was reported that he had to return to Chelsea after the injury.

Mendy sustained a thigh injury and was treated by medical professionals at Rabat, who determined that he could not play during his new national attention. That means he’s going to miss the game against Morocco tonight, as well as the one against Mauritania next Tuesday.

Kepa has a chance to get back to the wooden frame because Mendy is injured

Now he faces the race against time to get back to play his first game since Chelsea’s international break, which will reach Southampton next Saturday. In a tweet, the Senegal Football Confederation announced that Mendy was going to undergo more testing on his return to Chelsea

If the condition is not positive, Chelsea will be pressured to use Kepa Arrizabalaga as a guard. Willy Caballero, who has not been named to the Argentine squad this time around, is another choice for Frank Lampard because Lampard has just had a conflict within Chelsea.

Chelsea has settled on Kepa ‘s future

Kepa’s bad results prompted Chelsea to invest more money to find a new goalie in the summer transfer window of 2020. 

However, Chelsea’s middleman defended goalie Kepa Arrizabalaga and said that it was the team’s mistake which made a 0-2 loss to Liverpool. Chelsea is in 10th position after 2 rounds of the Premier League 2020/21, with 3 points after 2 rounds.

Sky Sports announced that Chelsea had a deal to hire Edouard Mendy from Rennes. The goalie, born in 1992, had a psychiatric test before signing a five-year contract with Stamford Bridge Host Community. It is expected that Mendy will debut the new team in the next 24 hours. 

Earlier, Chelsea bid 14 million pounds to Mendy, but was refused. The London team agreed to pay an further £8 million to quickly complete the move, after seeing a less persuasive display by Kepa in the Premier League.

Chelsea will be the first club in the 2020/21 Premier League to have an African descent goalie

The most expensive goalie in the world commits 2 direct errors that only lead to goals in the first 2 rounds. Coach Paddy was out of patience with the Spanish student and decided to be replaced as soon as possible. 

Edouard Mendy is expected to become the 7th “The Blues” newcomer, after Kai Havertz, Timo Werner, Ben Chilwell, Hakim Ziyech, Malang Sarr and Thiago Silva.

Mendy was born in 1992 at a height of 1.97 m. Senegal International made 33 starts last season for Rennes and is perceived to be one of the best goaltenders of the Ligue 1. 

Some reports say Chelsea is considering selling Kepa in the transfer window this summer, instead of leaving the goaltender to remain at Stamford Bridge. Before that, in 2018, “The Blues” had to pay up to 78 million pounds to hire Kepa from Athletic Bilbao.

Results of All England Open Badminton Championships 2020: Viktor Axelsen won the championship

The final match of All England Open Badminton Championships 2020 between Chou Tien Chen and Viktor Axelsen was highly desirable with a respectable victory for the Danes last season.

Chou Tien Chen was deliberately attacking and taking advantage of the blockbuster right from the start, as if taking courage in front of Viktor Axelsen ‘s height. Viktor Axelsen, however, is not afraid to counterattack with successive strikes on the foot. 

Both sides failed to score 4-3 as Viktor Axelsen broke 7-3. Chou Tien Chen did not change strategy, but by reaching the net or reaching a long wall, Viktor Axelsen took a lead of 11-6 by half.

After the break, not much has changed. Viktor Axelsen also uses his height to lift the frame. Chou Tien Chen began to lose his patience. He made a wrong decision, then let the bridge crash twice in a row in the field to help the opponent lift the score 17-8, then 18-8. He was unable to support the competitor to 19-9. 

Chou Tien Chen was oblivious to the close-net strike that was blocked by the opponent’s racket, “counter-dame,” with a score of 20-10. At this point, Chou Tien Chen was only able to score in a row, but it was unfortunately too late. It’s unlikely to sum up 10 match games against Viktor Axelsen. At the end of Game 1, Viktor Axelsen won 21-13.

Chou Tien Chen has joined Game 2 with the same definition as Game 1. He got 6-3 lead by Viktor Axelsen in the aggressive dogfight! Even Chou Tien Chen was obviously not discouraged. But the 11-7 lead was in Viktor Axelsen ‘s favour as he took a rest.

Viktor Axelsen is happy to win the Toan Anh Badminton Tournament

Viktor Axelsen’s brutal assault has made Chou Tien Chen more and more weaker. Danish tennis player up to 15-9 years old. Chou Tien Chen leapt up and disconnected a 3-point chain, but when it comes to solving the dilemma, Viktor Axelsen just broke the bridge! 

The difference is widened again between 18 and 12. The high-pitched shots of Chou Tien Chen left Viktor Axelsen very awkward, though still not enough. Viktor Axelsen held a lead of 6 points to 20-14 when Chou Tien Chen gave up with an out shot. Viktor Axelsen wins the Toan Anh Badminton Tournament in 2020.

What surprises you in 2020 All England Open Badminton Championships?

This year, after paralysis because of Covid-19, the badminton village certainly awaits the 2020 All England Open Badminton Championships tournament with a more excited mood than ever. 

Having taken place in Birmingham from March 11th to March 13th, 2020, this year’s All England Badminton Tournament witnessed interesting surprises between the Covid-19 pandemic. Lee Zii Jia went straight to the group of 4 strongest players, for his first time in the tournament. Chinese stars like Chen Long and Shi Yuqi fell apart. In contrast, Danish contributed two representatives in the semi-finals: Anders Antonsen and Viktor Axelsen.

The final round of the 2020 All England Badminton Tournament between Chou Tien Chen – world number one seed – vs Viktor Axelsen took place extremely attractive with a worthy victory for the Danes, runner-up last season. Chou Tien-chen is the No. 1 seed in the tournament and No. 2 in the world. Viktor Axelsen is currently ranked 7th in the world. Viktor Axelsen lost physical advantage, but had victory spirit advantage. Last season, he had been defeated by the world No. 1 Kento Momota in the final round. This year, after successes at the Barcelona Masters and Indonesia Open, he was more determined to conquer the2020 All England Badminton tournament.

The All England Open Badminton Championships is the largest and most traditional professional badminton tournament in the world, held every year in the UK. The tournament is part of the BWF system, which was upgraded to Superseries in 2007 and became Superseries Premium in 2011.