The final match of All England Open Badminton Championships 2020 between Chou Tien Chen and Viktor Axelsen was highly desirable with a respectable victory for the Danes last season.

Chou Tien Chen was deliberately attacking and taking advantage of the blockbuster right from the start, as if taking courage in front of Viktor Axelsen ‘s height. Viktor Axelsen, however, is not afraid to counterattack with successive strikes on the foot. 

Both sides failed to score 4-3 as Viktor Axelsen broke 7-3. Chou Tien Chen did not change strategy, but by reaching the net or reaching a long wall, Viktor Axelsen took a lead of 11-6 by half.

After the break, not much has changed. Viktor Axelsen also uses his height to lift the frame. Chou Tien Chen began to lose his patience. He made a wrong decision, then let the bridge crash twice in a row in the field to help the opponent lift the score 17-8, then 18-8. He was unable to support the competitor to 19-9. 

Chou Tien Chen was oblivious to the close-net strike that was blocked by the opponent’s racket, “counter-dame,” with a score of 20-10. At this point, Chou Tien Chen was only able to score in a row, but it was unfortunately too late. It’s unlikely to sum up 10 match games against Viktor Axelsen. At the end of Game 1, Viktor Axelsen won 21-13.

Chou Tien Chen has joined Game 2 with the same definition as Game 1. He got 6-3 lead by Viktor Axelsen in the aggressive dogfight! Even Chou Tien Chen was obviously not discouraged. But the 11-7 lead was in Viktor Axelsen ‘s favour as he took a rest.

Viktor Axelsen is happy to win the Toan Anh Badminton Tournament

Viktor Axelsen’s brutal assault has made Chou Tien Chen more and more weaker. Danish tennis player up to 15-9 years old. Chou Tien Chen leapt up and disconnected a 3-point chain, but when it comes to solving the dilemma, Viktor Axelsen just broke the bridge! 

The difference is widened again between 18 and 12. The high-pitched shots of Chou Tien Chen left Viktor Axelsen very awkward, though still not enough. Viktor Axelsen held a lead of 6 points to 20-14 when Chou Tien Chen gave up with an out shot. Viktor Axelsen wins the Toan Anh Badminton Tournament in 2020.