VICTOR is a major badminton racket brand from Taiwan, founded in 1968. Currently, the commodity has expanded to more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Despite being highly regarded by consumers, Dengli Chen-the owner of this company is still not quite happy and has set the target of “VICTOR will be the most developed badminton brand in the world”.


This is an English badminton racket brand

Established in 1928, through several phases of innovation, it has evolved rapidly growing to the top of the world’s popular badminton racket brands. Badminton RSL rackets define the racquets according to the level of power support and the capacity to manipulate the bridge. 


Kawasaki is a Japanese brand founded in 1896 under the slogan “talent and technology” .In the course of creating and cultivating a career, this brand has consistently fostered creativity and strengthened technological challenges, supplying consumers with the highest quality goods and the best support.


Brand from Germany, popular all over the European market. In 2002, the SOTX badminton racket entered the Asian market and in just over two years, the badminton racket products had expanded exponentially, generated great sales and gained sponsorship.


Built in Germany, born 1936. During almost 80 years of construction and growth, the Oliver brand has developed a framework of consistency, reputation and solidity in the hearts of its consumers. The latest Oliver racquets are very much in love with gorgeous colour, for defense and good “slash” The racquet body, though, is more crisp than certain other racquets.


This is a brand from Taiwan, whose consistency has been recognised worldwide. The rackets of the brand are ideal for multiple consumers, suitable for many different weather conditions.

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